Fields of expertise:

  • Banking litigation
  • Lender enforcement actions
  • Credit issues
  • Insolvency disputes
  • Regulatory compliance

Banking litigation is a complex and vast terrain and the laws are always changing. We’re experts at offering streamlined solutions to these complicated issues that reflect the latest developments in the field. This is why we represent some of the biggest banking institutions in Cyprus before the District and Supreme Courts.

We specialise in lender enforcement actions, credit issues, and insolvency disputes, providing accurate and timely legal opinions based on a solid grasp of the latest legal developments in Cyprus.

We also have solid practical experience in the fintech industry. If you’re a Cyprus-based fintech company, we can help you with risk management and regulatory compliance.

With over 40 successful years of service to the international business community, Eliades & Partners is today considered one of the most distinguished commercial law firms in Cyprus and provides a multi-disciplinary legal, tax and business consultancy service not only to the local market but more so to the broad international community.


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