Cyprus ranks 21st in Bloomberg's Healthiest Country Index

According to Bloomberg's 2019 Healthiest Country Index, Cyprus ranks 21st out of 169 economies included. Cyprus dropped 3 points compared to the 2018 ranking. The index grades nations based on variables such as life expectancy, while imposing penalties on risks such as tobacco use and obesity. It also takes into consideration environmental factors including access to clean water and sanitation.

Spain ranks as the healthiest country in the world, gaining 6 points compared to the 2017 survey, while four additional European nations were among the top 10 in 2019: Iceland (third place), Switzerland (fifth), Sweden (sixth) and Norway (ninth). Japan ranks as the healthiest Asian nation, jumping three places from the 2017 survey into fourth and replacing Singapore, which dropped to eighth. Australia and Israel rounded out the top 10 at seventh and 10th place respectively.

Spain has the highest life expectancy at birth among European Union nations, and trails only Japan and Switzerland globally, according to the United Nations data. Spain by 2040 is forecast to have the highest lifespan, at almost 86 years, followed by Japan, Singapore and Switzerland, according to the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.

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