Ratification of Maternity Leave Extension in Cyprus

Pleased to inform you that the Parliament has unanimously ratified government legislation to extend the maternity leave and allowance period to 22 weeks for the first child.

This development underscores the commitment of the authorities to enhance support for new mothers during this significant life event.


The key points of the ratified legislation are as follows:

1. Maternity Leave Extension:

   - The maternity leave and allowance period has been extended to 22 weeks for the birth of the first child.

   - This extension applies to both natural childbirth and childbirth via a surrogate.

   - The new regulations take immediate effect upon the law's publication and also include mothers currently on maternity leave.

2. Adoption of First Child:

   - For those adopting their first child, the maternity leave period has been increased from 16 to 20 weeks.

3. Premature Birth Support:

   - In instances of premature birth, the additional leave has been enhanced from six to eight weeks, offering crucial support to new mothers during this challenging time.


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