Pleased to inform you that the Parliament has unanimously ratified government legislation to extend the maternity leave and allowance period to 22 weeks for the first child.

This development underscores the commitment of the authorities to enhance support for new mothers during this significant life event.


The key points of the ratified legislation are as follows:

1. Maternity Leave Extension:

   - The maternity leave and allowance period has been extended to 22 weeks for the birth of the first child.

   - This extension applies to both natural childbirth and childbirth via a surrogate.

   - The new regulations take immediate effect upon the law's publication and also include mothers currently on maternity leave.

2. Adoption of First Child:

   - For those adopting their first child, the maternity leave period has been increased from 16 to 20 weeks.

3. Premature Birth Support:

   - In instances of premature birth, the additional leave has been enhanced from six to eight weeks, offering crucial support to new mothers during this challenging time.


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We are excited to bring you the latest developments regarding the naturalization process for foreign nationals in Cyprus. The Cypriot House of Representatives recently approved amendments to the Civil Registry Law, marking a significant step towards a more modern legal framework. These changes aim to streamline the requirements and criteria for naturalization, representing a crucial moment for prospective applicants.

The revisions primarily target residency duration and Greek language proficiency for foreign nationals seeking naturalization. Notably, special provisions have been introduced for individuals with high qualifications and skills in the technology sector. This groundbreaking move is poised to attract and retain top-tier talent, reinforcing Cyprus's position as a global technology hub and enhancing its appeal as an international business center. 

Key Provisions for Applicants:

1. Residency Requirements:

  • Legal and continuous physical presence in Cyprus for the twelve months preceding the application.
  • Legal physical presence in Cyprus for at least seven out of the ten years preceding the aforementioned 12-month period.
  • Absences not exceeding 90 days in total are not considered to interrupt the 12-month period.

2. Character and Finances:

  • Good character and a clean criminal record.
  • Financial self-sufficiency and suitable accommodation.

3. Language and Cultural Knowledge:

  • Adequate knowledge of the Greek language (certificate of basic proficiency, Level B1).
  • Basic understanding of the country’s political and social landscape.
  • Intent to reside in Cyprus.

Special Provisions for Technology Sector Professionals:

 Special provisions apply to foreign nationals with high qualifications/skills in the technology sector and employed by specific foreign interest companies as determined by the Council of Ministers, including:

 Residency Reduction:

  • The seven-year residency requirement is reduced to four years with an A2 level Greek language certificate, and three years with a B1 level certificate.

Family Inclusion:

  • Family members can also apply for naturalization under the same conditions.
  • Spouses or civil partners must possess the same Greek language certificates.
  • Minor children reaching adulthood during the application process remain eligible for naturalization.
  • Dependent adult children with disabilities are also eligible.

Fast-Track Process:

  • Applications by highly qualified individuals undergo a 'fast-track' process, completed within eight months, subject to a specified fee.
  • Details of the fast-track process and relevant fees will be determined by Ministerial decision.


For pending applications submitted before the enactment of these amendments, rest assured that they will be reviewed under the new criteria outlined above.

This transformation in Cyprus's naturalization process underscores a progressive approach, emphasizing inclusivity and recognizing the valuable contributions of skilled professionals.


Andreas Hadjidemetriou

Head of Litigation Department


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